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<P>I believe that such a scene often let the district owners feel sucked: the area piled with abandoned furniture, no one clean up for a long time. Reporters yesterday from the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee held a solid waste pollution prevention and control of the special inquiry was informed that the province has been in the development plan,<a href='http://beachbedwholesaler.com/beach-chair/1553.html'>folding chair cushion pattern</a> is expected to point fixed collection and disposal of abandoned furniture next year.</P>
<P>It is understood that the contents of the thematic inquiries include: the overall situation of solid waste pollution prevention and control work, the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, garbage collection, transportation, disposal, hazardous waste management, disposal, solid waste disposal projects,<a href='http://beachbedwholesaler.com/beach-chair/1463.html'>software furniture factory in france</a> Handling of construction facilities, solid waste regulatory agencies operating conditions. Vice Governor Zhang Zhinan rate of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Education Department, Science and Technology Department, by the letter, Wei Planning Commission, Public Security Department, the Department of Finance, Environmental Protection Office, Living Building, Agriculture Department, Department of Commerce and other departments to the scene.</P>
<P>Solid waste on environmental pollution and human health are seriously affected, recycling e-waste is an important way to solve the pollution. Provincial Department of Commerce in charge of the inquiry, the province has completed 1897 renewable resources recycling network, sorting center 7, the trading market 12; 2011 to 2015 total recovery of 347.8677 million tons, the use of resources 61.9515 million Ton, made a better social benefits. Provincial Environmental Protection Office official said that the environmental protection department to dismantle the disposal of enterprises as the focus of supervision, to strengthen the inspection and focus on spot checks, and in the current dismantling disposal on the basis of the gradual transfer of printers, copiers, fax machines, monitors, mobile communications Equipment,<a href='http://beachbedwholesaler.com/bar-table/2219.html'>mud feet for fishing chair for boats</a> telephone, range hood into the dismantling range, reduce the impact of electronic waste on the environment.</P>
<P>Speed ​​up the construction of food waste disposal plant is to curb the flow of waste oil to the market, an important means to effectively deal with food waste, the province living quarters official said, Xiamen is building a kitchen waste disposal plant, the use of new technology, Smelly, such a high-tech means of treatment can be promoted, for the next year, the city can be implemented in the construction of the plant. He also introduced, you can use the end of the family crusher, directly to the kitchen garbage broken into the sewer, and then to the sewage treatment plant. Some people worry that the kitchen garbage may break the sewer after the broken, in fact, the opposite, broken particles can be adsorbed after the oil, more conducive to the smooth flow of sewer. Moreover, the kitchen garbage after crushing into the sewage plant, will not increase the sewage treatment costs.</P>
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